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Trust Planning

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Ideal Trust Agreement Competition

We propose, to encourage transparent and surviving-family-member-friendly asset transfer in the future, a contest for the best examples of trust agreements and trust formation documents, with a cash prize for the best trust formation document template(s) and associated clauses in sample wills. The award may be shared among winning entries. The winning firms or law students will also be featured on

The document should be open annotated to explain problem areas and opportunities. The document should ideally be designed for use in any of the 50 states.

Some ideas and resources:

  • (has a sample will)
  • include an arbitration clause (some of the work and publications of Professor Robert Whitman at the University of Connecticut Law School may be of use to you)
  • include specification about the when and how of final accounting
  • include a clause to allow beneficiaries to change trustee in certain situations (some states currently allow beneficiaries to change a trustee without going to court)

Send us your suggestion:s for the competition, the list of areas to be judged on, and resources for ideal trust formation documents.