Trust Planning

Trust Planning

Estate Planning and Wealth Management

Quick Guide to Trusts

This introduction to trusts takes a systems perspective, which is necessary because trusts, although created briefly, and with the best of intentions, often last a very long time and end up with at least a few, and often many, players who do not have the best of intentions (and who may try to take as much as they can from the trust before it reaches your heirs).

This quick guide to trusts has three short sections:

Part 1: What Is a Trust

Part 2: Trustees of Personal Trusts

Part 3: What Laws Govern Trusts

Show Me the Money

It is money, right now, that is the primary power in the world. It would be interesting to find out, how much, as percentage, trusts constitute the wealth of nations. Certainly if you consider foundations, nonprofits, land trusts, government trusts such as social security, and corporations, and not just private trusts, then this really is the wealth of the nations. And the law of unintended consequences, it becomes patently clear, is what is governing (or we should say allowing the abdication of governing) the world's wealth. This issue will be discussed in more detail under the section on Socially Responsible Investing (a good next step after this quick guide to trusts.